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Kamagra - how to use

If you suffer from a poor erection during the sexual intercourse or are not able to have erection at all, this is the first sign of an impotence. The advanced drug Kamagra Jelly has been developed for the treatment of all types of the impotence and copes with the essential symptom of the disease – a weak erection.

What is Kamagra Jelly?

Kamagra Jelly has been thoroughly studied by doctors in Food and Drug Administration US (FDA) and allowed for the use during the erectile dysfunction. A quick-relief medication stimulates the natural physiological sexual abilities of a man.

Dr. Tony Gianduzzo calls attention of men that it is impossible to cure of the impotence with the help of Kamagra Jelly. According to his estimation, the drug should be used only for prophylactic purposes. The real causes of the impotence are not plain to see, therefore none man will get rid of the sexual dysfunction by means of this easy way.

The matter is that Kamagra Jelly contains the vasodilator product Sildenafil. This ingredient has a reversible effect. It means that if you took a dose of Kamagra Jelly, it will act for 4-5 hours, and then the problems with the erection will appear again. But the drug may be taken every day, and this way you will have a stable assistant in the bedroom. A duration of the Kamagra Jelly action does not go beyond 5 hours, you should not take the drug more than once a day.

Sildenafil is excreted by the body within 19-22 hours depending on metabolism of a man. If the drug is taken more often, the active ingredient will be accumulated in the body, and it may cause side effects: allergic reaction, nausea, or vomit.

So the most practical administration schedule of Kamagra Jelly is one dose a day. It is simple to follow this schedule because every pack with gel contains 100 mg Sildenafil, and it equals the maximal daily dose. The liquid gel Kamagra is easy to take because it has a good smell and a taste. No need to take with water.


To buy Kamagra Jelly in Darwin, you, of course, can go to several city pharmacies. You will get this drug in one of the large pharmacies but a pharmacist will ask for a prescription. Buying Kamagra Jelly in the city pharmacies of Australia is possible only by prescription, and if you do not have it, a pharmacist will send to a doctor. To get a prescription, it is necessary to make a doctor’s appointment, take the tests, and have a medical examination. It is time-consuming, you will have to avoid the sexual activity.

But there is a way to buy Kamagra Oral Jelly in Darwin without prescription on website. There are rather many offers to buy cheap Kamagra Oral Jelly without doctor’s prescription. The order may be placed at home because most online pharmacies provide a delivery to all cities of Australia. A low cost of Kamagra Gel in Darwin, no lines, and 24-hour-work of the pharmacy – these are what we are ready to offer you right now.

You can contact us and specify information about shipping terms and a possibility to save more while buying on the site. Buying Kamagra Gel without prescription, you must realize that uncontrolled treatment of the ED may be ineffective. As Dr Tony Gianduzzo states, about 30% of men taking Kamagra Gel do not achieve the expected result. The matter is that every type of the impotence needs a special approach to the treatment, and one Kamagra may be not enough.

For example, in case of the psychogenic type of the impotence, Kamagra Gel will act better, if the pharmaceutical therapy will be done during the psychological support by a professional doctor. So, a man has to visit a doctor who will prescribe a full treatment and give personal instructions for the most effective use of Kamagra Gel. Then you will be able to buy Kamagra Jelly on the internet and a doctor’s visit will be not needed anymore.

Our medical consultant: Dr Tony Gianduzzo (read more about him here).