Kamagra vs Levitra

Kamagra and Levitra: same drug class, different nuances

When looking for paw preparations, it is not always easy to distinguish the placebo preparations from the real products, and once you have found them - how do you know which one is the best? Below, two of the largest preparations are compared: classic Kamagra and the more modern competitor Levitra. Which is best in Kamagra vs. Levitra pair?
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Levitra and Kamagra compared by experts

Levitra quickly became one of the three biggest ED treatment names. The preparation ensures that the man gets a stable erection that lasts for 8-10 hours and the effect comes already 10-15 minutes after ingestion. The active substance is vardenafil, which makes blood flow in the pelvis and penis easier as the man is sexually excited. There are no directives on whether you should take Levitra on an empty stomach or not, but it is entirely up to the user. Levitra is available in doses of 5 mg, 10 mg, 10 mg lozenge and 20 mg. The common form is a small yellow, round tablet, while the lozenge resembles a softer white lozenge. As with everything else, there are side effects and the most common side effects, although not very common, are:
  • redness
  • headache
  • nasal congestion
  • dizziness
  • disturbed color vision
  • blurred vision.
Sildenafil (Kamagra) was the first paw preparation for men who came out on the market and started to be prescribed by a doctor. It is today one of the most well-known preparations and there have been hundreds of studies on its effects and side effects. The preparation contains active ingredients which increases blood flow and helps men gain a stronger and more durable erection. Kamagra comes in tablet form and is taken orally. The tablets come in doses of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg and should be taken on an empty stomach. The effect lasts for 4-6 hours and should be taken at least 30 minutes before the effect is shown. In terms of adverse events, some users experience:
  • skin flushing
  • headaches
  • abdominal pain
  • nasal congestion
  • nasal drip.
When is Levitra a better call? Dr. Tony Gianduzzo answers Kamagra vs Levitra question The drug from the drug manufacturer Bayer has been approved for the use in ED patients since 2003. Levitra contains the active substance vardenafil, which is available in doses of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The effect of the drug occurs within 25-60 minutes. The duration of Levitra's effect is up to 5 hours. Taking this information into account, Levitra is an appropriate alternative to Kamagra, unless the drug can be used for any reason, says Dr. Tony Gianduzzo. The preparation is also available as a lozenge and is therefore an appropriate alternative for patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets.

Data on the drug Levitra

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Effect occurs: 25-60 minutes
  • Tolerance: is often listed as the least active preparation
Assessment: Since the drug Levitra is almost identical to Kamagra for efficacy and efficacy, it is primarily appropriate for patients who have experienced side effects of other drugs. Levitra is considered to cause very little side effects and is therefore of interest to patients who are sensitive to medication. If so, it is good that you inform your doctor in advance. He will then be able to assess whether Levitra is the most suitable alternative to Kamagra for you.

Conclusion. Which of these two preparations is best?

All men have different needs and our bodies never work the same way. A fully healthy man can get side effects of Kamagra but not of Levitra, and vice versa, without it being really wrong with neither the user nor the preparation. The benefits of Levitra are that it is a lower dose taken and that the effect comes directly. But Kamagra is a preparation if it has been on the market longer, as there is a lot of research about and that for many may seem safer to use. Kamagra also disappears faster from the body and the effect lasts more specifically during the time you need it. Both variants are approved drugs and have very few side effects, and the question is not which one is better than the other but instead: what works best for you, sildenafil or vardenafil? You can take this one step further and consider Kamagra Oral Jelly vs Levitra dilemma, where the former is a popular version of sildenafil citrate available in form of fruity flavored lozenges.

Updated: 05 Aug 2019
Our medical consultant: Dr. Tony Gianduzzo (read more about him here).